Spool Arc-29S Diameter .045 44lbs
Spool Arc-29S Diameter .045 44lbs
Spool Arc-29S Diameter .045 44lbs


Spool Arc-29S Diameter .045 44lbs

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Spoolarc 29S is a general purpose copper-coated solid wire suitable for many carbon steel welding applications using the MIG/Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). Spoolarc 29S contains moderate amounts of manganese and silicon to provide sufficient deoxidation over light mill scale. Shielding gas choices for Spoolarc 29S in the GMAW mode are 100% carbon dioxide, argon/carbon dioxide mixtures, argon/oxygen mixtures, and other argon based mixed gas blends.


Country of Origin: Mexico
Trade Name: SPOOLARC 29S
AWS Classification: ER70S-3
Weight: 44
Hazardous: Yes
Carcinogen: Lead
Reproductive: Lead
Process: GMAW
Material: Mild Steel
Diameter: 0.045"
Package Qty: 1
Amperage Range: 100Amp - 350Amp
Tensile Strength: 85ksi